Eccleshall Football Club - Season 2016/17

Pershall Park,

Chester Road,



ST21 6NE

Telephone 01785 851351 (match days only)

Eccleshall FC is an unincorporated (members) club.

The club officials are: 

Club Trustees: Bob Lloyd, Bill Grinham, Richard Marsh, Jim Tunney.

Chairman: Bob Lloyd

Vice -Chairman: Neil Washington

Secretary: Jim Tunney

Treasurer: Bob Lloyd

Programme Editor: Richard Marsh

Clubhouse Management: Bill Grinham, Richard Marsh

Committee Members:
           Andy White,  Paul Cox,  Peter Moss, Paul Swaries, 

Ernie Jackson

First Team Management:

Paul Snape & Peter Griffiths (Joint Managers)

Second Team Management:

Craig Bould (Manager),  Simon Snape(Assistant Manager), 

Andy White (Assistant Manager).

Under 17s Team Management:

Kevin Page (Manager), Dave Baker (Assistant Manager).

Members of the Hallmark Security League, Staffordshire County Senior League and Potteries Junior Youth League. Affiliated to Staffordshire FA

Eccleshall Football Club is an FA Charter Standard Club.

Club website:                   Twitter: @eccleshallfc

 Graham Whitehouse Eulogy 

Sometimes in life you meet people that immediately impress you with their zest for life and their ability to get things done - I am sure you have all met somebody that fits that description. Graham Whitehouse was such a person and I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to not only meet him but also to then be able to call him a friend. 

I first met Graham way back in 2001 through Bob Askey who knew him from Little Stoke Cricket Club. Bob, who was our manager at the time advised me that Graham was someone who wanted to put something back into the community. He had founded his own company Impulse Corporation, specialising in industrial computing systems and solutions, from a small office in his house in 1993 and had expanded to a set of business units on a trading estate near Cannock.
My first meeting took place in those offices, which were opened in 2000,  and I was immediately impressed with the dynamism of Graham - at that time he was extremely astute and proud of the successful company he had created. He had established partnership agreements with Aaeon Technologies and Advantech both of which are still thriving today, indeed the partnership with Aaeon Technologies is the longest relationship they have within Europe.  
Graham had achieved what many of us aspire to and had done it in a relatively short space of time i.e. less than 10 years. He had created  a successful company Impulse Corporation Ltd and had introduced a number of key employees to help him run it, many of whom still work in the Company, including the Managing Director Craig Wright and the Commercial Director Craig Stone. In 2011 the Company outgrew the premises in Cannock and moved to Fenton, Stoke on Trent and tripled the production capacity over night. At that time Graham passed over the reins of the Company to the two Craig's but remained as Chairman.
But what of that meeting - at the time I was trying to find ways of getting money into Eccleshall FC to ensure our promotion to the NWCFL would go smoothly. Graham agreed at that meeting for Impulse Corporation Ltd to become one of the main sponsors of the club and that has continued until the present time.
I would not wish to embarrass anyone by saying exactly how much Graham has given in Sponsorship but it is a very significant amount and certainly has been of the utmost importance to the club over the last 12 years.  
Graham and I struck up a personal relationship that was to remain until his unfortunate death on December 6th 2014 and we would often enjoy a curry together when he was here in the UK where we not only discussed all matters Eccleshall but also debated many and varied topics of mutual interest. Graham had gone into a semi-retirement role once he had relinquished his position as Managing Director of Impulse Corporation Ltd but the sponsorship of the club continued and Graham himself continued to take an active interest in the club and whenever he was in the UK would attend as many matches as he possibly could. 
Unfortunately his health had started to deteriorate as a result of early injuries he had suffered in life which left him with a crippling disease in his lower back area. He was planning major surgery to relieve the pain in early 2015 and was one of the reasons for this trip back to the UK.
I will always remember Graham as he was when I first met him and not as the person he unfortunately became, which was a shadow of his former self. I cannot put into words the help he has given Eccleshall, not only with his company's sponsorship but also in his early days with the advice and assistance he gave not only me on both a business and a personal level but also to other members of the club.
Graham would always be prepared to help - as little as 2 months ago he offered the use of one of his houses in Florida as a main prize for a raffle which the club had plans to organise to raise more funds. In his personal life he had at one stage been heavily involved in the Scouts and had organised a number of exchange trips to the US for them, which, if you check the Facebook entries since his untimely death, are still remembered and cherished to this day by those involved.
Many of you will not remember the Graham who first helped to breathe life into this club but I am fortunate enough to have had the privilege to see it first hand and my memories will remain of a truly gracious man whom I am proud to have known and regard as a friend. Long may he be remembered for what he was. 
Graham’s funeral was held on Monday 29th December 2014. 
Andy Mapperson - Chairman

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